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Sunday, September 23, 2012


PKR is up to it again…making promises that attracts even the children who know nothing…but until today the party along with its allies DAP and PAS have yet to make good any of the promises.

In 2008, the three parties promised free water which until today is not fulfilled and now the matter is in the courts, prudent spending and transparent governance but never practiced as can be seen in Selangor where even MB Khalid Ibrahim has been delaying with excuses in tabling the white paper on Talam issue.

In fact, PKR through its new ‘intellect’ strategy director Rafizi Ramli, has been responding to demands made by groups to the government with positive proposals, solutions to the many problems raised by the people no matter how big they are.

From free water to free tolls, reduction of car prices to now affordable houses – meaning cheap houses or reduction in prices of houses – PKR has always the answer and the party is generous too.

Just recently in Kuching and Kota Kinabalu, the party promises 20 percent oil royalty and treating both states equal status, autonomy and whatever the people there wanted.

PKR and Rafizi seem to be very good in selling ideas to the extent that he would have make a good salesman as the way he goes, he could even sell fridges to eskimos!

So PKR and Rafizi have made themselves the ‘problem solver’ for Malaysians and thus, voters should vote them for the government as they can solve every problem with the click of the finger anytime.

To PKR and Rafizi, problems faced by voters are no problem to them so long as the voters can be pacified through ‘believable promises’ like they did in the 2008 general election.

So anything the voters want, just highlight them and PKR and Rafizi will come with solutions – of course the solutions can be made good if…that is... if…the voters elect them to Putrajaya.

Ha ha ha…that is the catch…just like in 2008…and until today, the opposition alliance of Pakatan Rakyat (PR) have not even make good or fulfilled any of their promises.

Like in Selangor with matters in the courts and lots of debate on other unfulfilled promises, PKR and Rafizi attempts more lies through their ‘make believe promises’ given the background that they are facing erosion of confidence and support.

Now they called on the ruling BN to contest on policies as exsposing scandals have backfired with the latest issue where its propaganda vehicle Suaram being investigated for taking foreign funds to bring down the government and would be charged in court soon.

With ‘the skeletons in the cupboard’ exposed, PKR now uses Rafizi with ‘believable promises’ to divert voters’ focus away from their ‘evil ways’ in the attempt to pave the way to Putrajaya.

They may continue trying but the scenario at present seems to be negative for them as the winds of political tsunami of 2008 has change direction…and this is real…not a make believe waves.


  1. Sekolah kat MCKK. dah la sekolah pertama Melayu. Sekolah terbaik. Pelajar terbaik. Dpt sponsor dpd kerajaan. Suruh belajar. Jd harapan negara.

    Sekarang...mak bapak pun hampa pasal dah besar jadi petualang bangsa, agama dan negara. Bantu Dajal Melayu. Assist Zionis rosakkan Malaysia..

    Rugi dunia akhirat bai..sayang betul.

  2. Giving false hope all along. People's should have known this better.If manifesto was not a promise, why make manifesto then?. This is clearly a very bad precedent. Their leader has no hesitation and qualm to lie to the people. After 4 years or so PKR cant even fulfill their promises in Selangor - a much much smaller state compare to Sabah and Sarawak combined. What then, people on the street may ask, make them of capable to fulfill all their recent 'remarks' of giving 'star' and 'heaven' to the people's of the eastern Malaysia state?


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