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Friday, April 22, 2016


25 HARIBULAN April ini adalah Majlis Penamaan Calon bagi PRN Sarawak ke-11, namun MalaysiaKini sudah memainkan peranannya sebagai KAKI FITNAH terhadap Barisan Nasional dan Pemimpin BN di Sarawak.

Selepas ini sudah tentu pelbagai cerita FITNAH dan SPIN oleh portal-portal milik pembangkang merekayasakan cerita agar rakyat Sarawak terus tertipu dengan permainan persepsi kotor mereka.

Ini jawapan Dr. Annuar Rapaee:


I have told the Muslims in the seminar that we Muslims in Sarawak should be thankful because other races are willing to support us because we are fair to others and we have been governing this country together well. Therefore I urge the Muslims to continue supporting Adenan as CM. 

But what was published in Malaysiakini was different. Words was spinned in such a manner that I was made to be liked a racist. In actual fact I was giving an advice specifically to the Muslims to support Adenan whose acceptance rating was reported to have reached a high 81% from all races. Being Muslims we should be grateful that we are able to blend well with other races. Thus this harmony and tolerance need to be maintained. 

In fact I have clarified to Malaysiakini reporter when she asked me questions but she seem to prefer to be deaf. And I told her that only racist see others as racist. As a result what was explained was not published. 


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